the perks of being a wallflower

Thursday August 27 2009
New face: Astin

Our newest Wallflower is, well, hardly a wallflower. The curly-haired golden boy is 17 and a senior in high school.




Tuesday August 25 2009
Outtakes: Allegra shoots with Steve Visneau

The final results are coming soon. Stay tuned to see how our little wallflower will blossom!

Thursday August 20 2009
Tammy's thoughts on The September Issue

What does Wallflower President Tammy think about the September Issue? Tammy's worked on HUNDREDS of shoots throughout the years and totally identifies with Grace...

"I can’t say enough about how good this documentary for anyone working in the fashion industry. I have never seen a movie about what I do that so closely exemplifies the pace of the work, the passion for the clothing and imagery, the emotional drama of being involved in this business. Grace Coddington is so real, so honest, so brilliant. When she explains why a photo is hazy or soft, and why that can make a great shot, why it makes sense, I felt like those exact words had come out of my mouth before. And when Anna slashes her editorials, removing shots that Grace feels are important, her reactions are so familiar. Losing a great shot is a little like losing a part of you. You become emotionally attached to those shots because you were there feeling it while it was happening. Of course, the movie shows Anna’s brilliance as an editor. Why there needs to be someone who is not emotionally attached to the shots, who can sit back and make that decision without batting an eye. It’s such a familiar dynamic in this business where creative people who are highly sensitive and intuitive coexist and clash. Grace steals the show, but you leave thinking about Anna’s relationship with her father and her daughter, and the little moments in the movie that reveal so much about her and the powerful position she holds."

Thursday August 20 2009
Celebrating in style

Our women's director turns the big 3-0 today! Happy Birthday Brenda!!!