the perks of being a wallflower

Monday July 26 2010
Jordan's World

Monday July 26 2010
Caroline at the Lake by Jamie Luca

Thursday July 22 2010
Introducing: Ryan, Delaney, Christian, Chloe, Joel & Cale

Ryan by Alan Foreman
Delaney by Sam Granado
Christian by Alan Foreman
Chloe by Alan Foreman
Joel by Erin Faison
Cale by Erin Faison

Monday July 19 2010
The Wallflower Interview: Breauna

What do you think of Miami so far??
Everything is great! It's so beautiful over here.

How is the model's apartment?
The apartment is really nice and in a great location. It is close to everything in Miami and only a couple blocks away from the agency.
How do you get along with the other models?
The other models are so nice and everyone seems to get along well. I will send you some pics when we get a chance to hangout and everything. It has been super busy with castings and getting settled in.