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Tuesday January 19 2010
The Wallflower Interview: Brittany

Q: Give us the 411 on living in Seoul!

A: It's like living anywhere I guess, we have drivers who take us to all the castings and translate. Mo is our driver and he deserves a medal because he has to put up with a lot! Its a pretty busy city, lots of traffic and people all the time. Its been snowing here a lot, lots of roads are closed but believe us were still driving on them to get to our castings!

Q: What is the biggest surprise you've had?

A: I was surprised how much they dress up here. Their fashion is a bit different from the other cities I've been working in; they dress a bit more feminine, pretty and chic, its very nice- but of course they don't hold a candle to Dallas Chic!

Q: What are some of the projects you've been working on?

A: Ive been doing fun editorials with cool styling. This week I shot for Perry Ellis in a coffee shop, Editorials in studios, some lookbooks, sportswear, underwear, and this afternoon I have an editorial.

Q: Where to next?

A: Home first for a little bit, and then wherever Brenda sends me!

(All photos are exclusive, behind the scenes looks from a recent editorial)

Tuesday January 19 2010
Updates: the many sides of Sam

Photos courtesy of Nylon Mexico

Photo courtesy of BBMundo

Tuesday January 19 2010
Caroline Hinton now at Wallflower Management!!!

Monday January 11 2010
Press Alert: Heather in the New York Post

Wallflower's Heather is currently casting for NY Fashion Week and has been dubbed as Major's one to watch. Rock on Heather!!