the perks of being a wallflower

Monday February 08 2010
Quoth the Raven

Check out raven-haired beauty Becca...
photography above by James Bueti

photography above by Steve Visneau

Friday February 05 2010
Introducing: Alexandra

Check out our newest leggy blonde...BOOK IT!!

Photography by Dinah Gordy
Styling by Tiffany Hicks
Hair by Beau Clements

Thursday February 04 2010
The Wallflower Interview: Conner

One of our gorgeous Wallflower boys indulges us with the 411 on him...

How old are you?
20 years old...I'm in my sophomore year at Yale.

What's life like for a "Yalee?"
Its fun...and cold...brrrrrr....

How were you discovered?
Family friends with Mrs. Theis...which is kinda cheating I guess.

What do you do for fun...when you are not busy studying?
Play music, skateboard and wrestle

What's on your IPod?
I don't own an Ipod, but I got a Ray Lamontagne CD in my Walkman

Friday January 29 2010
Alex by Ja'mie Luca